My quick makeup pick me up

Some mornings are hard- as we all know! On Sunday night my one year old decided to wake up at least four times. Then my three year old woke up at 6. This would be okay if I hadn’t gone to bed past midnight- darn Mad Men!

My children were grumpy and I was feeling blah. I wanted to feel more awake. I did a couple quick on demand workouts and then I decided to get ready. With two whinny toddlers it had to be a quick getting ready.

I started with my favorite face cream- Eucerin Q10 anti-wrinkle- sensitive skin. It does not irritate my skin and keeps my skin moisturized for the whole day. I didn’t put any foundation or other face make up on. It is just one of those days =)

My favorite cream!
My favorite cream!
My favorites for a quick look!
My favorites for a quick look!

Then I did my perfect quick eyes– but with no eyeliner on my lids- just under the eyes. I used Maybelline great last mascara– I have loved this product for years. It stays on forever and comes off easy. Love.

Then I needed color! I put Bareminerals lipstick in rose crepe on my lips. It is a great neutral pink. It is matte like and again stays on for a long time. It also moisturizes the lips too. Great product. Unfortunately I can’t find this color in stores anymore-  but Make Your Move color of the Marvelous Moxie Lipstick would be a close comparison.

The Bareminerals lipstick.
The Bareminerals lipstick.
Before- feeling blah!
Before- feeling blah!
Three minuted later with just a couple items!
Three minutes later with just a couple items!

Then I felt more alive and ready to face the day with my boys in a more awake state! And it isn’t turning out to be a bad day at all!

What is your quick makeup routine?

2 thoughts on “My quick makeup pick me up

  1. I am the type of person that does a full face every single day, but if I am in no way able to make that happen as long as I toss on some benefit gimme brow and some mascara I am good to go!


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